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FlexPath Capital is a consulting firm that helps assist auto dealer and finance companies find the most profit and value in their portfolio. We have a large network of capital providers that can provide cash liquidity to any size of performing portfolio.

Our staff and partners have over 60 years of experience in auto portfolio finance and acquisitions. You may have worked with other firms in the past, but we believe that our servant-based consulting is the difference and why you will want our services .

You wouldn’t sell your home without an expert relator, why would you sell your hard-earned portfolio with an export broker? Our trained staff will guide you through every step of the process. This is not simply done by showing your portfolio to every single buyer in the market.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business operations and loan servicing and match it with the right buyer that best suits your individual portfolio unique needs. Whether you are a seasoned seller of your loans or a first-time seller, WE can help you achieve your portfolio goals.


The process is very simple. A member of our staff will contact you and help build a profile of you and your dealership. We will also need a data tape of your portfolio, once we receive this, we can go to work for you. Offer sheets take between 24-72 hrs. We will provide offers and our professional feedback on what deal is right for you; then you decide what offer you would like to take – It is that simple. You may be asking yourself, how we get paid? Great question, our services are essential free to you. The buyers of your portfolios pay our fee. If your portfolio does not close, we do not get paid.

No hidden doors here. Our core values are Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity.If you are interested in hiring our services, please call the number below and one of our staff will answer all your questions.

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